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Melaka Funland contains the recreational facilities that allow you and your children to have fun, almost all games can be used by adults and children to enhance their parent-child relationship through games and play.

There are seven main theme areas such as Virtual Zoo, Fantasy Aquarium, Treasure Hunt For Kids, Kid's Excavator, 3DMagic Art, Interactive Floor and Horrible Mirror Maze. Children here are small heroes, little genius, they will face different challenges, through various game activities, inspire and induce childrens interest of learning. It is really a learning paradise through the games!

Children who create their own small animals, through the computer system, will be able to appear in the "virtual zoo and the dream of the aquarium", not only fully developing the children's creativity and learning ability. In Melaka Funland, children can implicit their infinite imagination, inspire their inner world and to create their own dream animals.

Melaka Funland is also the first unique "Horrible Mirror Maze" in Malaysia, using glass mirror, mirror, and transparent glass composed of the maze, together with the stunning LED lights, dark and mysterious atmosphere configuration, will make the overall space like a dream. Do not hesitate and come over to experience it!

Melaka Funland theme park was inaugurated on December 16, 2016 in Malacca, Malaysia. It is a wonderful and full of infinite fun world paradise, no matter to adults or children, Malacca's theme park, it is also a place full of happy elements in the journey.

Melaka Funland with excitement is waiting for you!


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: Lot 66, Durian Daun Dalam,Jalan Durian Daun,Melaka

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: 95, Jalan Parameswara,75000,Melaka

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: 4th July 2016


Be the first choice in addressing the educational tourism place of attraction for all level of age(kids, youth, adult), status(by group of kids, friends,family and etc) and serving the customers with a great innovative technology, up-todate activities and creating a great moments together.

To achieve our vision, we regularly upgrading our services, always do maintenance on our system, and innovate the technology used. We also provide a packages that suit to customers demands. Besides, the services given to customers also rendered by highly knowledgeable and vast experience in the field of tourism.


- Entertainment with fun and interactive educational value.
- Great family and friends bonding moments with great excitement activities.

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