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This is the first virtual live and interactive device for children. In the aquarium, children can enjoy the imagination, painting on a special paper, painting a unique marine fish. Through scanning technology, the fish will instantly swim into the huge aquarium and play with the similar fish.

Children colour animals on the computer screen and then upload pictures to the wall, they can use their hands to touch the animals. This is a combination of children's imagination, creativity, physical as well as mental entertainment and education, so that children's learning interest is amplified unlimitedly.

Melaka Funland is also the first unique "Horrible Mirror Maze" in Malaysia, under several reflection and refraction of the mirror and glasses, it makes visitors do not know their place and lose their direction. Meanwhile, facing dark flickering lights and piercing crawly music, ghosting flash everywhere, this is the best entertainment to test youngsters courage.

Dynamic mirror maze is the use of sound, light, electricity, machinery in one, from countless pieces of mirrors and glass in accordance with the laws of science, it is the best entertainment equipment to test visitors observation ability, judgment sense and analytical ability. Children can be accompanied by their parents, go into the maze to find the gift with the fastest speed, the whole family can experience the fun of adventure.

The system has more than 40 sets of interactive game software such as Hawthorn turtles, visitors can walk in the virtual pond, beautiful carps will automatically avoid. With the perfect blend of machines and humans, this brings visitors to an unprecedented interactive experience.

A large three-dimensional painting, bringing a unique, fantastic enjoyment to visitors. Visitors can get a three-dimensional photo as long as they take a picture. In this picture, a dolphin is rushing out of the frame and act coquettishly, Kung Fu panda is fighting with you, dinosaurs surpassed the limits of a millennium running around you.

Kid's Excavator is a new type of electric hydraulic amusement equipment, running slower, simple to operate, reliable, and suitable for children to learn operating, to stimulate the child's game interest to the maximum and family members can participate altogether.

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